Torino possesses the air, rail and road links needed to place it at the heart of Europe. Today, the city wants to be an "old industrial town", but also wants to concentrate its powers on the advanced service sector, on global networks and on highly technological research and development.

Torino has an important presence in the agro-industrial area; the Lavazza, an international leader in the coffee sector in from Torino. The city and surrounding area is home to some of the best known producers of sparkling wines and spirits, such as Cinzano, Martini & Rossi and Gancia.

The textile industry, identified on a regional scale by companies that produce world-renowned yarns and fabrics of high quality, is represented in Torino by the GFT group. Set up in 1930 by the Rivetti and Levy families, GFT has become a huge industrial empire working in 14 factories around the world. It employs 6,000 people world-wide, 3,300 that are in Italy.

Turin is also well represented in more innovative fields like information technologies and telecommunications. Turin is indeed an important centre, being home to the headquarters of Stet-Telecom Italia, the sixth largest telecommunications company in the world.