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Welcome to Torino is a beautiful city in the northwestern Italy, residing mostly along the West Bank of the Po River. Capital of the Piedmont region, Torino is most famous for the shroud of Turin and host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Whether you're planning a vacation in Torino, or just want a virtual taste, will offer you the most interesting tidbits about Torino, Italy!

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Brief History of Torino

The name "turin" originates from "Tau", a Celtic word that means mountains. The Italian name, "Torino" translates into "little bull" (note the coat of arms and symbol of the city). In pre-Roman times, the area was settled by the Taurini, who were ancient Celt- Ligurian people. In the first century B.C., approximately 28 B.C., the Romans created a military

2006 Winter Olympics

2006 Winter Olympics

Torino was the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics, which is officially known as the XX Olympic Winter Games. The games were held from February 10, 2006 through February 26, 2006. They marked the second time Italy hosted the Olympic Winter Games. The official logo displayed the name "Torino", the Italian name of the city, but the city is known as "Turin"